We are not the government.

We're building an independent website to represent Sharonville, Ohio.

We are directly supported by members.

Hi. I'm Drew.

For over 20 years I've run internet companies and helped millions of people benefit from the internet.

Many years ago I purchased the domain name that represents my community, ""

Ever since I've tried to figure out the best way to create a meaningful site on

Know, I'm not looking to build another website that you can browse while you're sitting on the toilet.

Instead, I'm looking to build a website that bring us together IN PERSON. A website that is about the community, by the community.


Too many conversations with friends and family make it seem that our best days are behind us.

Are they?

Are you okay with that?

I'm not.

I grew up believing that success meant that things are better than they were. I want to live my best of days now while I work towards creating even better days in the future.

I'd love your help.

For now, your help would be a note to let us know your thoughts, a little encouragement, and possibly share your dream for what would be.

While a lot is up in the air, one thing I know is that I don't want to do this alone.

If you're interested in building a better Sharonville send me a message.

I'll add you to an email list and try to keep you updated.

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Answers to Possible Questions


I don't know. I still have a day job running my company, location in the Sharonville Loop. Without additional outside energy it may be years. 😭

What will be on the site?

I want to tell me things that are difficult for a busy person like me to know. Like what to do now? What events are going on now? Anybody doing anything that I can join in on?

Much of the information will be stuff that you can find elsewhere with some Googling and questions on social media. But I want it to be easy and here and LOCAL. I don't want big business to be in-between my community and myself. 🤮

Will it be a business?

If you are asking will there be revenue, expenses, and possibly profits? Yes. I've already put thousands into this and I sure would like to keep feeding my family while I build this.

But the purpose is impact and community, not profit maximization. As long as it doesn't complicate the process of building cool stuff, I'll work to keep things transparent.

How will it make money?

Nothing is certain. However, most of my businesses are supported by people and small businesses directly. Meaning, if you like what we're doing, pay a monthly subscription.

Small busineses will especially benefit from our website, so they will likely provide a base level of support.

This will be a labor of love. I plan on keeping the expenses low so there won't be a need to chase funding.

Imagine a central hub for the community. For the community, by the community. is a Moving Sites community site.

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